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Assignment Instructions

Write a 4 to 6-page paper on a film or show in which a character has to employ communication ethics. Assess what field of communication the situation addresses (public discourse, interpersonal, organizational, etc.). Please note that more than one field of communication may be used. Explain the situation, how the character(s) handle the situation, and what communication skills and ethics that were or were not present. Do you think he or she used sound ethical communication skills to approach the dilemma, or would you have done something differently? Please remember, this isn’t a discussion on an ethical dilemma alone; you must discuss communication ethics and approaches character(s) use in regards to communication. You may pick a specific scene or overall communication tactic of a character rather than the discuss the whole plot. Concepts from your textbook and Lessons should be used. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with this!

 The movie that I want my paper written on



A psychological thriller centered around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons set to detonate in the U.S. (97 mins.)

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