Creative Writing – Urgent Request

***Please Read Before Responding***

Urgent request need in four hours

Creative Writing

Create a Rubai

A Rubai is a poem comprised of four line segments. For this assignment, you will create your own Rubai.

Directions: To complete this assignment, you will need to choose:

a.Planning for the future is better

b.Living in the moment is better

Once you have chosen your side, you will design a Rubai around your chosen side that aims to explain why you feel one way or the other.


Your Rubai must include: (color code each of these requirements)

  • 1.   Quatrains (4 line sections)
  • 2.At least five quatrains
  • 3.  Imagery
  • 4.Metaphors
  • 5.References to aspects of your life/ modern world


**For extra credit, you can create and image that represents your Rubai.



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