Statistical Analysis and p Values

Analyze the data presented in Table 1 below regarding city population size and levels of phosphorous, dissolved oxygen, and nitrogen in groundwater. Based on this data, discuss whether or not city population has an effect on the phosphate, dissolved oxygen, and nitrogen content of groundwater. Additionally, describe how you know this based on the statistics and state whether any interactions are positive or negative.

 Table 1:

City Population

 Phosphorous Content

Dissolved Oxygen Content

Nitrogen Content
 100 0.75  13.21  0.55
 200 0.92 9.99 0.54
 300 0.99   8.66  0.95
 400 1.12   6.15  1.55
   p=.18  p=0.04  p=0.01



Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Cite any sources in APA format.

You must answer all parts that are asked of you!! This should be an easy one for Environmental teachers. please make sure that your analize is complete. Attached are this weeks resources Please you the one that help with analyzing

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