After you identify the topic you would like to spend the next few weeks researching and writing about and complete the library worksheet with that topic, please go to the USU Library and begin researching the topic and filling out the Stasis Model worksheet below, ending with a specific policy proposal you think will help solve the problem or answer the question you are examining in your research.


Cite credible sources using MLA documentation

3 pages long, 12 point font–It should read like a bulleted list, not a formal paper

Develop a clear policy proposal

Upload as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file 


The Stasis Model

The Stasis Model is a useful formula for generating a working thesis and creating a research log.  The researcher begins by gathering information and evaluating what is found, then working toward a policy proposal that serves as a working thesis statement for the Persuasive Research Paper paper. It is important that each question is answered satisfactorily and in-depth before moving to the next stasis. If you can’t answer the question, you need to change your approach to the topic or do more research.

Fact: What happened or is happening? Are there facts in dispute? Be sure to list all the facts that you currently know or that you encounter as you research. Make sure you use credible sources and only add facts, without editorializing. Make sure this is a very thorough list and that you cite your sources; it will help avoid problems down the line.

Definition:  How do you define the subject? Are there terms you need to define? This is a chance for you to define terms and “control” them. Look at Dr. King’s use of the word extremist in “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. This is also a chance for you to list all the terms and concepts that you will need to define for an audience that isn’t as familiar with the topic as you are. It is also important that you identify and define terms that are still in dispute.

Cause/Effect: What caused it to happen and what will be the likely outcome?

Values: How good or bad is it and who does it benefit? Again, please be as specific as possible.

Policy Proposal: What can be done to solve the problem or what are you proposing and why? This proposal should be a claim and several reasons that follow from the claim. Also, make sure that this proposal is viable, meaning that it is realistic, and that it is supported by the information above. If the proposal doesn’t coincide with what you have listed above, you may need to take another look at it.

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