Critical analysis Essay worlds histrory

The Essay will be based on the correctness and logic, suffciant info., topic, analysis, opinion, and conclusion.


the essay is about the seven building blocks which lead the culture to be civilized. (in 3 pages)


step 1:Identify with some examples each of the even buildin blocks of both the Chines civlization (1000 B.C – 100 B.c) and the Egyption ciilization (3100 B.C – 1) 


step 2: Analize how relegious and or philosophical beliefs form culture and interfere with enviroment creating differences and similarities between the two cultures.


step 3: compare the smilarities and the differences pf the 2 ciilizations and tell how and why they are similar and different?


Notes: Understaned the seven building blocks , why they are relivent? ,and example of two of them. Also, the relation between the seven builsing blocks.

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