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Instructions for MUS 1070 Sound Health 1

Final Paper and Student Presentation


***No reflectionpaper required for weeks 5, 6, or 7ofclasses


***Final Paper Requirements: Write a (four to seven page)

comparative analysis, focusing on two components, or approaches,

to sound health/music therapy. It must contain a strong thesis statement and the examination will include the similarities and differences between the two approaches. Otherwise, you get to choose the focus of the comparison, based on your personal interest.



1.   Describe the key characteristics that identify the two components (or approaches) to sound health/music therapy.


2.   Examine the similarities and differences between

the two contrasting components

(or approaches).


3.   Identify and describe why the point you are trying to make, through your thesis and the paper, is important (in the conclusion).


Additional guidelines:

1.   The paper must be a minimum of 4 pages, but no longer than 7

pages (lines double-spaced, with a 12 point font).


2.   Northeastern University has a very strict policy for students on representing words and ideas of another’s as one’s own.

Papers that contain plagiarized material will not be accepted and you will receive a failing grade for that paper. You must properly cite all direct and indirect quotes and include a reference page.

I don’t care what citation style you use for your paper (MLA, APA, etc.)

You can give appropriate credit to sources by:


a.) Using quotations to indicate that you are directly quoting a source

and then providing proper documentation of the source by way of

footnote, endnote, or some other format.


b.) Putting ideas into your own words — but if they are not your

ideas – you still need to reference the source to give proper credit.


3.   Your paper is due by Wednesday, February 22. This paper counts as 30% of your final grade for this course. I have to submit course grades immediately after I read and grade your papers, so please be sure to turn your papers in on time (or even early). Late papers will be penalized.


Student Presentation Requirements:

The final presentation is a short overview of your thesis and the key points/or highlights that you will be discussing in your final paper.


O Think of it as an opportunity for you to create an outline (or overview) of your paper.


O Include introductory concepts, your thesis, a few main points, or interesting highlights, and your conclusion (why this pointyou are making is important).



Instructions for completing the assignment:




Recommendations for Writing a Strong Paper:

Be extremely clear about what you are discussing.

Write a strong introduction.


O Start witha general point that establishes the context of what you are going to compare and then move towards the exact focus of what your essay will be about (thesis statement). Think of constructing the paragraph as moving from big to little, or broad to specific.


O Your thesis statement should come at the end of the introduction.

§§I (the reader) should be clear on what you are going to examine

in your essay (and what you are not going to examine). Think of

your essay as an argument. (And your thesis statement is whe

n you declare what point you are going to argue in your paper).


Organize the body of your essay in sequential order.

O The introductory paragraph defines what you are going to compare. Now the body of your essay elaborates to supports the point you are trying to make.


O I find it helpful to think of every sentence as proof of your argument

(how does each sentence support the point you are trying to make). If a sentence doesn’t support your point, ask yourself if it should it be in the paper.


O Possibilities for structure: You could alternate between the two aspects you are comparing, paragraph-by-paragraph. Or you could discuss both aspects in each paragraph.


Write a strong conclusion


O You should restate your thesis in the conclusion.


O The conclusion should synthesize (or summarize) the important points you were making in your paper to support your thesis.


O End your conclusion with a personal statement (your opinion) about why your point is important, or why it matters


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