5 Point Arguement

1-Choose one of the following thesis statements. These are big subjects, so it should be fairly easy to find reliable information to complete the assignment.

A. The Affordable Care Act provides affordable health care to millions of Americans.

B. The death penalty should be abolished in the United States.

C. Genetically Modified Organisms are harmful to humans.

D. Limiting school prayer violates the constitutional guarantee of freedom to religious practice.

2-Following the 5 point structure of argumentation as discussed in class, complete the following information about your chosen thesis:

Supporting claim





3-Write the information in a narrative form, including in text citations and a Works Cited section.

An example will be given and discussed in class.


Margins: 1″ all around, on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper       Heading: Upper left-hand corner, double-spaced like the rest of the paper

Your  Last Name, First Name Instructor GambleEnglish 102, Section (section number)Due Date
       Title: Capitalized and centered on the page; should predict how essay develops       Indent First line of each paragraph; no spaces between paragraphs       Works Cited must be on a separate page and formatted per MLA standards as given in the back of your
I also addressed the first minor claim below in paragraph form. Since I have more than one point of data and more than one sentence for each component, I divided the paragraph into two, which makes the paper more reader friendly.
I did change the word count on the assignment to 1200-1500 words. Writing in this format takes practice, and I would rather you have a shorter paper (1200 words) that is structurally sound than a longer paper full of fluff.




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