DS 5

Envisioning Leadership

Identifying a challenge that evokes your passion, understanding its historical and contemporary contexts, and bringing together the community of people needed to respond to this challenge—these are essential steps that make change possible. What kind of person is needed to lead such efforts? What characteristics make an effective leader?

Throughout your program of study, you have been encouraged to think about leadership. You have met, via video and audio podcasts, many inspiring and committed leaders in the early childhood field. This week, the Learning Resources have encouraged you to delve even deeper into the characteristics of leaders.

For this Discussion, without hesitation, jot down at least 10 characteristics that come to mind when you think of a leader. Put your list aside, and review this week’s Learning Resources on leadership.

Now, think about the early childhood field and the various situations that call for leaders to interact and work effectively with families, colleagues, organizations, government agencies, etc. Consider the thinking and characteristics that stood out for you from the readings you just reviewed. Then, identify four characteristics you believe to be the most essential for leaders in the early childhood field today.

By Wednesday, post:

  • Your list of four leadership characteristics selected from this week’s Learning Resources that you think are essential for leaders in the early childhood field today and why you think each is vital.
  • Three mind-opening realizations about leadership that struck you from the Learning Resources this week. (Be sure to tell the reason[s] these caught your attention, and cite your sources.)
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