Need help with business memo!!



I need help with this 850-1000 Words business memo. Must include 2-3 scholarly references in APA. Must be 100% original.


You are a new member of the operations team of a midsize manufacturing company with 500 employees. The decision makers at your manufacturing plant are struggling to meet production performance levels. After evaluating the company’s performance level problems, you quickly realize that the company did not follow a standardized operations management process.

The operations manager and the warehouse manager are the key decision makers in your business unit. They have asked for your assistance in presenting the benefits of incorporating a standardized operations management process.


Draft a business memo to the operations manager and warehouse manager of 850–1000 words, outlining the following:

·         How can your company apply operations management (OM)?

·         Discuss 2 examples of how OM is used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.

·         Discuss the purpose of OM and how it could improve things like production, quality assurance, resource management, and customer stratification.


·         Use APA, 6th edition format for all citations and references.

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