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This week’s readings, videos, and presentations introduced us to various ethical theories.  These theories are useful ways for us to both understand our own ethical orientations and to analyze the actions and outcomes of ethical decisions.  Now that you have an understanding of some of these concepts, which ethical theory (e.g., utilitarianism, deontology) resonates most with you?  In other words, which theory or theories do you most relate with and rely upon?  Explain this (these) theory (ies) and why it/they seem valid to you personally.  Also, attempt to explain a real-world business decision using this ethical theory. 

Admittedly, this hypothetical does not include the necessary contextual elements you would actually call upon to make ethical business decisions.  On the other hand, we all tend to identify more strongly with particular ethical orientations.  Do your best to analyze and explain the ethical theory you find most appropriate in the business world and why you find it to be the most appropriate theory.

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