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I need an 800 word   for my college writing class as basic as possible (using common and basic vocabulary and grammar) because I am international beginner English student and I need as soon as possible I need it after 4 hours  



In 800 words, define the American Dream. What does it mean to you. Make sure to read Handout #3 – Definition, before drafting this paper. For support of your definition, you can refer to your own experience or use examples from any of the articles or chapters of Nickel & Dimed that we’ve read so far.


This what America dream meant to me 




and this the


Handout #3 – Definition

Handout #3 – Definition Paper

        A definition paper focuses on what the writer considers to be the meaning of the paper’s topic.  Words and concepts always have a dictionary or encyclopedia definition or explanation.  But a word can also carry meanings that a writer attributes to it, ones that relate to the writer’s own unique, personal experiences.  According to Susan Anker’s Real Writing, good definition writing usually has four basic elements.   She writes:

* It tells readers what is being defined.

* It presents a clear basic definition.

* It uses examples to show what the writer means.

* It gives details about the examples that readers will understand.

For the purposes of this assignment, you have to define what the term “the American Dream” means to you.  Dictionary definitions might provide a starting point; however, definitions are made up of words that each have their own meanings and interpretations.  Your definition of “American Dream” is your interpretation of what that term and concept means.  You must provide the context for your definition, in this case, start with Nickle and Dimed.  What kind of dream are you defining? Are there qualitative differences between dreams (eg., are some better than others? If so, why?).  (These are just hypothetical suggestions.  You can also provide your own context.)  You come up with examples from your own experience, or that of others, or those that come from readings.  For each of those examples, you must provide details which make you meaning clear and understandable to your reader.

Often you will find yourself use transitions and templates in this sort of essay.  Common words and phrases used in definitions include:

Another, one/another                           First, second, third, and so on

Another kind                                        For example

Another type                                         For instance

You should also refer to the “Index of Templates” in They Say, I Say, starting on pg. 765. Lastly, your conclusion will refer back to your original definition and make an observation about it.



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