Watch 3 TedTalk and answere the questions on Correlation

WATCH: TED Talks: Nic Marks: The Happy Planet Index (16:49) [July 2010]

WATCH: TED Talks: Nick Bostrom: On Our Biggest Problems

WATCH: The danger of mixing up causality and correlation: Ionica Smeets at TEDxDelft


Nick Marks introduces the Happy Planet index. Nick Bostrum’s presentation is an optimistic view of why humans should be motivated to not make the 21st century our last on planet Earth. Teach me about both videos!!!


How do both Nicks affect you personally?


In your careerl?


What are the implications in your field?


Please give specific examples referencing the data!!!!!!!!!!!



I work in the field of addiction (substance abuse counselor) let me know if you need more info to make this more personable




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