Topic -Statue of an Offering Bearer

The actual assignment is as follows

The analysis should begin with an introduction of the artwork that includes the title, date, medium (material from which it is made), and the museum in which it is located.  In the body of the paper, you can break down the analysis into sections.

  • One section should be a description of the subject of the work.  This logically ties into the purpose the artwork served, which should also be discussed. 
  • The essay should include a section on style analysis for the work.  Introducing other similar works to compare may help make your case if you are discussing style conventions for the period. When writing about art, it is important to describe details.  This helps to guide the reader’s eye, and is essential for reinforcing your general observations.

Think in terms of three to five pages of text, plus a “Works Cited” page.  This paper will require research, beyond the museum website, to get a full sense of the piece and its historical context.  Include at least five scholarly sources.  Use the APA style to set up your paper and cite your research.  Please include an illustration of your work in your paper.


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