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This is our team assignment for this week.  I am team leader.  We have 4 people on our team.  How do you think that I should divide it up for 4 people?  I know each of us should have 3 slides but besides that what do you think?


Also, I would like to have you help me with the entire assignment even though I am responsible for team lead and putting together final product.  This way if someone doesn’t do well I will have some help and something to use to fill in on their part.  Our choice of setting is “PRISONS”.  I need this back by Thursday, 1 pm if possible 2/9/17. 




Behavioral Principles Application Presentation: Punishment


In this assignment, you will work together to develop a presentation that outlines what punishment is, how it is used, and any ethical considerations that should be made before implementing it.

Imagine your team works for a behavior analysis consulting group and has been asked to present on behavioral principles used in a specific setting.

Choose one setting in which to apply principles of behavior. Example settings include schools, hospitals, prisons, or businesses.

Evaluate the use of various types of punishment in the chosen setting.  OUR CHOSEN SETTING IS PRISONS.

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation, including detailed speaker notes, that displays your findings and analysis and that proposes ideas for effective punishment.

Cite at least 2 to 4 sources in addition to the textbook.

Format citations in your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Must Format your presentation and reference page consistent with APA guidelines.  This should not be direct quotes but paraphrased and cited with references.  It should be spell checked, grammar checked, and plagiarism checked.  MUST USE SPEAKERS NOTES.


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