Technical Report Proposal


Assignment Description:


For this assignment, you will write a proposal identifying your topic and focus for the Technical Report assignment. Topics for this assignment must be selected from the list below. Topics:


  • Effective Teamwork Strategies
  • Ethics in Technical Communication
  • Copyright Laws


Proposals should be formatted as a memorandum (memo) addressed to Leslie Patching, ENGL& 230 Instructor. Proposals should be a minimum of two pages in length (maximum of four pages), written in 3rd person pronoun, formatted in Times New Roman 12 point font, and should be single-spaced.



Assignment Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is to inform an audience about your topic for the Technical Report assignment.


Additionally, the purpose of this assignment is to understand the basic features of a proposal and gain practical experience in constructing one for a specific audience. 


Assignment Guidelines:

After reading Chapter 8: Proposals in Technical Communication Today (5th edition), create a proposal for the Technical Reportassignment. 


Your proposal should have the following features:


·       Introduction:  Define the subject and state the purpose of the proposal, which is to propose the  subject and purpose for the Technical Report. State the  proposal’s main point, and stress the importance of the subject being researched in the Technical Report. Offer background information on the subject and forecast the organization of the proposal.

 Description:  Restate the subject and purpose for your Technical Report, and present at least one research question related to your topic. Identify the primary and secondary audience for your Technical Report.



·       Project Plan:  Explain how and why you plan to narrow your topic for reader need-to-know information. State the learning objectives and outcomes you hope to achieve.


·       Qualifications:  Identify your qualifications by providing a brief (1 paragraph) biography in third person.


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