system analysis KIM WOODS

One of the most important skills of a systems analyst is designing effective user interfaces.  There are several “rules” that one must follow, pertaining to user interface design:

The user interface should: 

  1. Be easy to learn and use
  2. Enhance user productivity
  3. Provide users with help and feedback
  4. Have an attractive layout and design
  5. Focus on screens dealing with data entry
  6. Reduce or minimize input volume
  7. Use validation rules
  8. Provide useful and understandable information/feedback to the user

The Assignment.

  1. Assess each of these rule-areas and, based on an experience YOU have had with an Information System, or Website, select one of the rules that YOU feel could be implemented to enhance the “user experience” of that Website or information system.
  2. Write a brief synopsis of the system or Website you experience(d), and explain why you believe this rule would improve it. Defend your reasoning from a professional user, or systems analyst perspective.
  3. Please include two respones to students. 
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