Strayer bus402 quiz 1 latest 2017 (100%)


Quiz 1

Question 1 Dirk wants to be in control. He’s tired of taking orders from others and wants to feel a sense of accountability for the outcome of his work. Dirk displays the entrepreneurial characteristic of:

Question 2 Companies started by women differ from companies started by men in that:

Question 3 Juan is able to work well in a constantly changing atmosphere and has little concern for what tomorrow will bring. Juan demonstrates which of the following characteristics of a typical entrepreneur?

Question 4 A key characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is:

Question 5 Primary cause of business failure is:

Question 6 Launching and running a business can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it also can:

Question 7 “Copreneurs” are marked by:

Question 8 One key to success with a business startup is to begin with enough ________:

Question 9 Entrepreneurs start businesses for a number of reasons including:

Question 10 Surveys show that owners of small businesses believe that:

Question 11 Kyoto has started an interior decoration business. Everything about the business, from its name to the color schemes used in the corporate letterhead, is an expression of her personality. She sees this business as her greatest personal achievement. Kyoto is experiencing the opportunity ________ of small business ownership.

Question 12 Successful copreneurs are marked by which of the following characteristics?

Question 13 Part-time entrepreneurship has an additional advantage over starting up a company full-time in that:

Question 14 Which of the following trends is feeding the growth of entrepreneurial activity?

Question 15 U.S. economic structure is moving:

Question 16 ________ focuses everyone’s attention and efforts on the same target market. It is an expression of what the owner believes in.

Question 17 The most successful strategic plans make the ________ focal.

Question 18 ________ are the broad, long-range attributes the small business seeks to accomplish; ________ are the specific, measurable milestones the company wants to achieve.

Question 19 When the small business owner assesses her company’s strengths and weaknesses, she is dealing with the ________ business environment.

Question 20 ________ are positive internal factors that contribute towards accomplishing the company’s objectives.

Question 21 ________ are relationships between a controllable variable–plant size, quality, packaging–and a critical factor influencing the firm’s ability to compete in the marketplace.

Question 22 Once the vision and mission are established, the entrepreneur needs to:

Question 23 These are products of the interaction of various forces, trends, and events that are outside the control of the small business.

Question 24 Answering the question “What business am I in?” defines the company’s:

Question 25 The final step of the strategic planning process is:

Question 26 A mission statement should answer which of the following questions?

Question 27 Which of the following best expresses the relationship of a company vision to its mission?

Question 28 A small business’s “aggregation of factors that sets it apart from its competitors” is its:

Question 29 ________ are negative internal factors that inhibit the accomplishment of a firm’s objectives.

Question 30 Purchasing rival companies’ products, taking them apart, and analyzing them is:




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