Paper 5,000

                                                     For NYANYA 

APA Format 5,000




The outline must be submitted for approval. Briefly describe how your topic will flow in the paper. In addition, you must identify a target publication (must be refereed) from Cabell’s. The instructor will approve, modify, request additional information or reject your outline (requiring resubmission). The outline must be approved before proceeding with a draft. Identify which primary accounting or tax resources you plan to utilize. 




Prepare a draft paper after conducting your initial research. The instructor will comment on the draft, but it is not graded. Please note that the recommendations are not all inclusive and provide the student with limited and general guidance. You must continue to revise your paper. You will not receive a grade for your draft paper. All references should be included in the draft. You must use an approved tax or accounting research database. The draft must be reviewed before the final paper is submitted.






The final step is to submit the paper for a final grade. Generally, each developed and typed paper will be approximately 5,000 words. Papers must be submitted in accordance with APA guidelines. If a paper is selected for potential publication, the instructor will assist in its editing before submission and will recommend a journal/publication. Acceptance of a paper by an editor is NOT a requirement for this course. In many cases, it could take 3 – 12 months before receiving comments from an editor. You will need to make sure to identify the appropriate research question, identify key terms for performing electronic searches, organize your data, obtain data or information from multiple sources and integrate it into a cohesive paper. The analysis must be well developed and consider stakeholder(s) positions. The paper must demonstrate mastery of basic writing mechanics. The paper must be clear, concise, organized, persuasive and supported with applicable references. If any of the following conditions are not met, the paper will receive a zero:


·         the topic was approved by the instructor.


·         the outline was submitted on time for instructor review.


·         the draft was submitted on time for instructor review.


·         the student attended the scheduled meeting with the instructor

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