Moral Issues in Film: The Watchmen (2009)

The Watchmen (2009) , because it was made specifically with an ethical issue in mind. In fact, this movie deals with the exact content of this week’s readings, and the moral issue is clearly defined, apparent, and necessary within the movie, making it probably the easiest and most logical choice for this assignment.  You should focus on the moral motivations and differences between the characters of Rorschach and Ozymandias, especially as it concerns the big revealed action of Ozymandias’ at the end of the movie. Hint: they each (loosely) represent two of the main normative ethical theories taught in this class.

Read the instructions very carefully on this assignment, and make sure to answer all of the components of the prompt for this paper.

You will briefly summarize this film: The Watchmen (2009) (250 words). Then, you will analyze how the film treats this moral issue. Use the text to support your analysis (about 500 words). The paper will be due at the end of Module 5 and should employ an APA title page, in-text citations and a References page.

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