Module 4 – Case


Case Assignment

Examine the factors used in choosing a store at which clothing will be purchased and whether individuals differ in the criteria they use to choose what to buy and how to buy it (e.g. time spent).

Answer the questions and defend the positions you take in each of your answers.

Ensure that you repeat the assignment question (in bold above) in full and verbatim on the title sheet of your paper.

Submit your 3-4 page paper by the module deadline.

The Situation

Americans alter shopping habits preferring closer stores

in 2008 Strip malls that host at least one discount department store or category superstore were the only shopping centers seeing monthly shopper growth according to research. Regional malls were pulling in a lower share of monthly clothing shoppers as consumers wrestled with higher gas prices.

Case Reading

Mahoney, Sarah (2008, August 7). TNS Reports More Shoppers Spurning The Mall. Media Post News/Marketing Daily (August 7).

Available March 7, 2013 at

Assignment Expectations

In preparing your CASE4; you need to demonstrate your learning of the concepts and frameworks for analysis outlined in the modular learning objectives. In particular, are expected to:

Give a brief definition of problem definition, habit, limited decision-making, and extended decision-making.

Give brief definitions of habit, limited decision-making, and extended decision-making and show the circumstances when each is used.

In preparing your 3-4 page paper, note that retailing has experienced a dramatic slowdown in recent months. Many factors have contributed to the downturn in sales. This downturn is the result of a ripple effect in the entire global economy, not just in the United States.

In preparing CASE4, consider the factors that shape our buying habits and how these factors impact where people shop. Are the factors, selection, price, travel time, and value (benefits received / price paid and energy expended)? Or are there other factors that affect our buying habits?

Also consider how these factors have changed our buying habits? How have the selection and price of goods been impacted in recent months? Why are consumers shopping closer to home?

Note that this assignment does NOT require you to prepare a detailed essay. Instead use section headings for each of the topics you address in your paper followed by a discussion of that topic.

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