Management HW

1)      Deliverable #3 is Industry and Competitor analysis.  You will begin this deliverable by doing Industry Analysis, specifically looking at the Environmental and Business trends in the industry that you are planning on entering.  The Internet Resource Table from page 108-109 will be very helpful.  Once you have a good sense of the industry, you will then focus on Porter’s Five Force Model which can be found on pages 152-158.  These are forces that can affect you profitability and your deliverable should elaborate on how you plan on sidestepping or diminishing each of the Five Forces.   Plug that information into table 5.2, determining the Attractiveness of an Industry, which can be found on page 158, and also answer the questions listed in figure 5.2 which can be found on page 159.  Lastly, you will do a Competitor Analysis listing all your Direct competitors, Indirect competitors, and the dreaded Future competitors, using pages 164-165.  Be prepared to report you findings to the class.  Due date to be determined.



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