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You have a lawn mowing business “Mow-Mow-Anything Grows” and recently learned about process charting and service blueprints.  You have agreed to mow my lawn front and rear with a total lot size of .30 acres.  I am a bit picky about my yard though and you need to take this into consideration.


Your business is located in west Flagstaff, about a mile west of Walmart.  This is a very busy time of the year for you and your two employees as you are expanding into landscape design.  Your business is recognized for outstanding customer satisfaction, professional image and doing immaculate work!  

  1.  Create a process chart (using attached Excel format) showing your lawn mowing service for my yard.  You are to describe the process by filling in all information.


  1. Next, you are to create a service blueprint (similar to that on page 283 of our text) that you would use to map your interaction with me your customer.  You must include at least 4 poka-yokes and identify each of the three levels of customer interaction.  I have attached a powerpoint slide with various graphics to assist you with your design.
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