Assignment Instructions:



Imagine that you are an IT manager charged with keeping up with current technology.



Create a PowerPoint presentation for the chief information officer that provides an overview of two areas that you want to update based on emerging technologies.



Be sure to provide the new technologies’ capabilities and the advantages they will bring to the organization.



Be sure to cite all sources used in a reference slide with proper APA formatting.


PowerPoint presentation must contain eight to ten slides; the cover and reference slides do not count in the length requirement. You may also use the speaker’s notes function for the presentation part of your PowerPoint and provide transitions from one slide to the next.






Nogueira, J. M., Romero, D., Espadas, J., and Molina, A. (2013). Leveraging the Zachman framework implementation using action–research methodology – a case study: Aligning the enterprise architecture and the business goals. Enterprise Information Systems. 7(1), 100-132.







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