HIST-1110-001 Abdu


read the attachment and summrize it to anseer the 2 questions at least for eatch questions 4 lines of writing.



1)      Determine the organization of the article.
First, if the article has subheadings, identify each subheading with its page number. If there are no subheadings, work through the article paragraph by paragraph and divide the article into subsections that you assign subheadings to, based on what you see the author doing in each subsection. Give the page number on which each of your subsections begins. Then, sketch out a rough outline of the article using the subheadings you have, and briefly describe the sub-point the author is making under each subheading and
what evidence the author uses to make each point. Be sure to distinguish between what the author is saying and what the other scholars he is quoting are saying. Also note, if you can, why the author has chosen to organize the article the way he or she has. Provide the information requested above at the arrow below. Give as much detail as you need.




2)      Give an evaluation of the article.
At the arrow below, answer the following questions in as much detail as you need:


a.       How effective has the author been in making his or her point (as determined in 2) above)?


b.      Does the article make the point the author intended, and why or why not?


c.       Was the article logically organized and clearly presented? If so, what was effective about it, and if not, what problems were there? If you found the article confusing, explain why, giving specific examples with page numbers in your explanation.


d.      State what you learned from the article. What do you know now that you didn’t before? This may include information that was not part of the author’s point.


e.       Finally, what questions does the article leave in your mind? What more do you think you need to know to have a fuller understanding of the subject of the article?


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