heahcare PPT and final paper for Ray

there is two paper atacched for the ppt and also read the sylebus and follow the final paper discreption, dont forget the that we working on is number 5 for OBAMA HEALTHCAER

  1. In addition to general requirements for written work, your paper must include:

    1. (1)  The historical background of the issue, particularly prior programs or approaches used by

      industries or governments. You will identify how current policies developed, what they were designed to do, and identify gaps or problems as well as successes. Stick to relevant aspects of the history that are shaping todays debates.

    2. (2)  Comparison of two key positions on this question and the health models or solutions each propose. Describe key elements of each proposal and discuss how each proposal is likely to solve the problems or gaps in current policies. Identify each proposal’s advocates, or claimsmakers (i.e., who has vested interests in the approach?), and summarize the evidence these groups provide to support their arguments. Finally, identify the winners” and losersof each proposal in contrast to the status quo, or current policy. Provide your reasoned assessment of the political prospects each approach might have for adoption.

    3. (3)  Important to your analysis is your evaluation of these proposals from a sociological perspective, specifically addressing relevant research and concepts that look at: (a) a patient’s or consumer’s perspective, (b) the operation of medical norms in this context, (c) the changing role of health care provision, and (d) the impact of a policy change on health financial markets, integrating relevant course readings into your analysis. It is critical to your analysis that you include discussion of the aspects of the new healthcare law that affect your issue.

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Sources must include course readings as well as research from peer-reviewed academic



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