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Sigma Epsilon Kappa

Please explain how you will work to uphold our Vision, Mission, and Values. Be specific. *
Our Vision, Mission, and Values are as follows: Section 2.01 Vision (a) It is our unified goal to give hope to women seeking a non-traditional education. Section 2.02 Mission (a) Through philanthropy, education, and personal growth, we seek to empower not only ourselves, but the women around us. Section 2.03 Core Values (a) The guiding values of this organization function as our service pillars. We are a group who exemplify integrity, leadership, perseverance, academic excellence, equality, and personal growth.
Explain why you are interested in Sigma Epsilon Kappa and what you hope to gain personally through this experience. *
Sigma Epsilon Kappa exists to empower women seeking a non-traditional education. How have your life experiences equipped you to encourage those around you? *
Please balance your essay with successes and failures and explain how you have overcome your obstacles.
You are faced with a disagreement within the organization. Explain the steps you would take to resolve the situation- keeping our Vision, Mission, and Values in mind. *
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