criminalistic HW

1. Research a famous criminal case involving hair or fiber evidence. Present a short synopsis of your selected case (originally summarized) and discuss the specifics of how the hair or fiber evidence in question lead to the conviction of the subject. Some criminal cases that are appropriate for this assignment are the Wayne Williams case, the Central Park Jogger case, the Jeffrey MacDonald case, the Ennis Cosby case, the Leanne Tiernan case, the James Driskell case and the Robert Lee Yates case.

2. Why are some traces of the accelerants used in an arson usually found even after intense fires?

3. You wish to perform color spot tests for the following explosives compounds: Nitrate, PETN, Chlorate, Nitroglycerin and RDX. Explain and discuss which test you would select and why

-350-500 word

APA Format

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