Consumer Behavior IP 5

  • Develop a product preference section analyzing how your behaviors, attitudes, communication style, and demographic and psychographic information draw you to certain products.
  • Explain what brand fits each of your product preferences or lifestyle choices and why.
  • Conduct this analysis for the following categories of products:
    • Car
    • Education
    • Technology
    • House
    • Food and beverage
    • News

Part 2 Tasks (Objectives from Phase 5)

Section 5: My Blog Response: Why I Buy Stuff

Based on your previous analysis, respond to a blog that you are interested in from a company Web site or community discussion.

Add a copy of what you posted to the blog and a short summary in about 150–200 words.

Section 5 should include the following:

  • Your selected blog’s link, your post, and a summary of the response
  • What information you learned and researched about your buying habits for the blog post
  • Observations and reflections about how you might approach buying products and services in the future based on what you now know about your own consumer behavior

Your final Key Assignment should include the following sections:

  • Section 1: Why Do I Buy? My Buying Behaviors and Attitude
  • Section 2: What Speaks to Me? My Communication Style
  • Section 3: What can I Buy? My Demographic and Psychographic Profile
  • Section 4: My Likes and Product Preferences
  • Section 5: My Blog Response: Why I Buy Stuff


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