Business Response Paper

The instructions are as follows.

Review the case and answer the questions as per the following guidelines:


The case describes an actual small business and the efforts to grow the business by the original owner.  The case addresses a demonstration of the owner’s faith by his rehiring a worker who was previously terminated.  The founder and owner of the business grapples with the perceived failure of the person who he has rehired; as well as with letting go of his directive leadership approach to allow others to lead; and a contrasting leadership style. The case presents challenges for students to consider not only the expression of their faith but also the different types of approaches to managing a small business.


Use APA style and formatting to compose the 1200-1500 response paper.  The paper should include a minimum of 5 or 6 business-related research articles or trade-based resources, in addition to the case reference information, for you to support your points and referencing from the textbook. 



The word count excludes the reference list.


The textbook used in this course is: Understanding Business 11th ed. By: Nickels, William. ISBN: 978-0-07-802316-3 (**When referencing the textbook please provide page numbers per my request**)

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