Building a Customer Service Strategy for Bus 258


Your Ongoing Case Let’s go back to the ongoing case you selected. This will be either your current employer, a specific organization you want to work in, or one of the two hypothetical organizations described in Chapter 1: Independent Auto Sales and Service (IAS) or Network Nutrition Distributors (NND). Now consider the following questions as you develop a customer service strategy: Strategy Planning Activities 1. Identify some core values of this organization as best as you can. What do they believe in (beyond organizational success or profitability)? How might their revealing these values to customers and employees create opportunities to exceed expectations? How can they translate core values into actions to produce A-plus value, thus strengthening relationships? 2. Do some creative thinking about possible ideas you could apply to create A-plus value using the seven areas described in this chapter. Describe at least three ideas for each: • packaging, guarantees (warrantees) • goodness of product fit • “memorability” of product experience • uniqueness and shared values • company credibility • add-ons 3. Consider ways to get employees of your organization involved in generating A-plus value ideas. How would you do this? Be specific about the following: • What you would teach employees before soliciting their ideas? • Who would be involved in idea-generating sessions? • How you would collect and process ideas (specifically)? • How often you would gather ideas? • How people might be rewarded for participating in the process? 4. What would be necessary for your organization to engage in ongoing A-plus idea generation? How could this become part of the culture of the company? How could you get buy-in from participants and what should you do to avoid turning people off to the process. Be specific.

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