Select four universal ideas from the enduring ideas list that you just explored. Identify one artifact for each idea selected. In 1–2 sentences, explain how you believe the artifact expresses the idea. 

For example, an artifact that expresses the idea of celebration is a noisemaker. A noisemaker is a device that is associated in some cultures with festivity and parties. Its only purpose is to add a certain recognizable sound that other merrymakers associate with a celebration. Even the sight of a noisemaker on a party table awakens ideas of fun and merriment in the minds of the celebrants.  


Be sure that you chose artifacts that represent your four chosen universal/enduring ideas.  Remember that objects like smart phones or computers might come to mind immediately when thinking of technology in the digital age, but those objects provide a primarily functional purpose.  Remember from Theme One that artifacts should be made by humans, serve no primarily functional purpose and express creativity.  In light of that, Nam June Paik’s work Electronic Super Highway would be a better artifact to exemplify technology in the digital age.


Reminder:  Please be sure to carefully explain how your artifact is related to the universal idea.  Do not merely provide a list of ideas and artifacts – your thought process and the connections you make between the artifact and idea are key here.  


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