Anthropology Homework – Week 3

Each post must be 250 words.  Due by 10/16/2014 by 8:30 pm EST


  • Native American Religion

    Read the article, Indian Prisoners Claim Spiritual Needs Ignored. Then, respond to the following questions:
    1. Should Native Americans be able to perform their ceremonies in prison?
    2. Do prisoners give up all rights when they enter prison? Does this include the right to practice their religion? Does this apply to all prisoners, or just to Native Americans?
    3. Give another example of what might be religious discrimination in our own country.


  • Social Groups

    There are a lot of different kinds of social groups in the United States such as clubs, fraternities, gangs, counterculture groups, and online communities. Identify a social group that you are part of, and then discuss which of the social control mechanisms (mentioned in Section 8.4 of the textbook) are applied in your group. Why do you think these forms of social control are effective?

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