5 Article Reviews 2 Pages long totalling 10 pages.

Article Reviews Content Requirements: Attached Document with Article requirements.

Each article review should be no more than two pages in length (double-spaced). Each article
review should contain the following:

Provide a full citation of the article. (Author, year, article title, journal name, volume number,
issue number, page numbers.) Be sure this is in correct APA format! Present the full citation first
at the top of the page. (Start a new page for each review.)

Describe the problem presented in the article in your own words.

Summarize the article, describe the study and identify the major issues and conclusions.

Describe potential topics for future research based on the recommendations from the article.

Describe your reactions. State whether you agree or disagree with the author(s) findings and/or
conclusions, and explain why. Make sure you write your entire paper in third person narrative, (I,
me, we, our, us should not be used in the narrative.)

Provide a list of references (Reference List) at the end of each article that are of interest to you
and that you may want to read to gain better perspective on the ideas presented in the article.
(These sources are normally generated from the Reference List of the article you are reviewing,
although they also may be attained through your own literature search.)

Note: Please be sure that all 5 article reviews are contained in ONE file to be submitted through Blackboard!

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