ECET-375 Homework # 3


ECET-375 Homework # 3


Chapter 5

1. Contrast the advantages and disadvantages of digital transmission.


2. List and brief describe the four most common methods of pulse transmission.



5. What is the purpose of a sample-and-hold circuit?


8. Define and state the cause of foldover distortion. Give an alternate name for it.


Chapter 13

2. What is meant by the term overheard?



7. What is the bar code and when is it common used?


12. How are logic 0s and 1s indicated with the POSTNET bar code?


13. Describe what is meant by error control?


19. What is meant by the term odd parity, even parity, marking parity, and spacing parity? 



Chapter 17

6. At what two levels can addresses be identified?


8. Explain what is meant by baseband transmission.


9. Explain what is meant by broadband transmission.


19. Explain what is meant by  a data collision.


20. Define collision domain.


25. Define broadcast domain.



38. What is the difference between a bridge and a switch?




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